Wood Shake Roof Installation and Repair

view from below of wood shake roofing

A Rustic Choice in Roofing

Wood shake roofing is an option that has natural beauty and a rustic charm. This, combined with the number of benefits that it has to offer, makes it a great option for many homeowners. Wood shake roofing is made up of tiles that are crafted by splitting them from a log, a process that is typically done by hand. It requires precision and care during the installation process, as well as with any repairs that are needed over the roof’s lifespan. If you are seeking help with repairs or wood shake roof installation in Clayton, NC or the surrounding area, we can be there to help. Call today at 919-697-1145 if you would like to learn more about this roofing option.

Choosing Wood Shake Roof Installation

A wood shake roof installation can provide you with a number of benefits. Perhaps the most notable advantage this type of roofing offers is its great weather resistance. This is because the wood used for the creation of these tiles is naturally resistant to everything from harsh UV rays to water, insects, and moss. Along with that, wood shake roofing is a durable option with a typical life expectancy of around 40 to 50 years, though with proper maintenance, it can often last for much longer. 

Our team can be there to provide assistance whether you are interested in a wood shake roof installation or you need help with wood shake roof repair. We work with many different types of wood shake roofing, including options made from various types of wood. This gives you the opportunity to find the best option for your home and for your needs. It also ensures we are able to provide a high-quality wood shake roof repair that will leave your roof in the best condition possible while also ensuring it looks great. 

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When you need wood shake roof repair or wood shake roof installation in Clayton, NC or the surrounding area, just reach out to us. We can also help with various other options in roofing, including traditional asphalt shingle roofing and choices such as tile roofing. Get in touch at 919-697-1145 if you’re ready to schedule a consultation.