Roofing Hail Damage Repairs

shingle roof covered in hailstones

Professional Help After a Storm

Hail often occurs during severe weather. Unfortunately, it can often cause major damage to your roofing system, leading to a need for roof hail damage repair. Hailstones can damage a roof in a number of different ways, making it important for homeowners to watch out for potential damage when they have recently been through a storm and to get in touch with a roofing professional immediately to prevent any further issues from arising. If you have found yourself seeking roof hail damage repair in Clayton, NC or the surrounding area, the team at Mighty Hands Roofing can be there to provide you with all the high-quality services that you need to get your roof back in shape. To learn more about the services that we can provide, we invite you to give us a call today at 919-697-1145.

High-Quality Roof Hail Damage Repair

It can sometimes be difficult to know when to reach out for roof hail damage repair. Fortunately, there are many things that you can watch out for that can indicate it is time to get the assistance of a professional for repair services. 

The most noticeable type of hail damage is impact damage. Hailstones can strike roofing materials with incredible force, which can lead to visible dents and other damage. On asphalt shingles, this can even result in granule loss, exposing the underlying asphalt mat. Watch out for obvious signs of granule loss after a hailstorm, including excessive amounts of granules in the water that has run off from your roof. 

In addition to surface damage, hail can create cracks or tears in asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and other roofing materials. These cracks may not be immediately visible but can lead to leaks over time as water seeps beneath the damaged area, making it important to identify these issues and to get roof hail damage repair immediately to prevent further problems from arising. 

The force of hail impact can even loosen roofing materials, causing them to become dislodged or partially detached. You may even notice problems such as areas where there are missing shingles or tiles on your roof after a major hailstorm has rolled through. This is important to take care of right away because it can create openings for water infiltration, which can lead to severe damage within a short amount of time if not addressed promptly. 

In severe cases, major hail can penetrate through the roof and even cause damage to the underlayment and the structure of your roof. This is a problem that should always be taken care of immediately and is something that will typically call for emergency roof repair services to prevent far bigger problems from arising.

Our team can be there to provide you with the assistance you need whenever you notice any issues with your roofing system after a hailstorm. We can be there right away to provide you with the assistance that you require to get your roofing system back in shape and to ensure that you don’t experience any further issues.

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Our team can be there for you right away if you need roof hail damage repair in Clayton, NC or the surrounding area. We can also be there to assist with other types of roof storm damage repair, including emergency roof repair as necessary. Just give us a call at 919-697-1145 today to schedule your services.